Soul's Face is the new art-social dedicated exclusively to artists.
All the functions you will find into the app are specifically designed
to tell the world immediately your personal vision of the art.

Soul's Face is available on Apple Store and Google Play Store

The key-fuctions dedicated to artists are both the possibility to be engaged that the opportunity to visualize clearly all the events organised nearly.
Furthermore all the events on Soul's Face will be selected in order to have only remarkable events.

Soul's Face has a special functions that allows users to choose the Creative Commons rights of their works in order to protect their rights. Once choose the desired Creative Commons license it will be inserted directly into your uploaded work! Moreover, if you find on Soul's Face one of your video or image published without your consents you can request the deletion writing to

With Soul's Face you can upload on your profile your performance like video or images.
Every content will be optimized for the view on every device.

The additional functions of the account PRO are: the opportunity to propose for a generic engagement, accept direct engage request, insert events and tag artists into your events.

Go on your profile and go into Settings and select Upgrade PRO. You will activate the 1-year premium account for just 19.99 € in order to have the possibility to insert events, tag artists and send engage notification.

Buy the PRO account and, after that, insert your engage request going on the dedicated page and clicking on the icon "engage" and inserting all the requested information: Description, category, location, date.

Go on your profile, Engage and than on "sent request". Enter into the created engagement and wait for the end-date of the request or accept with the dedicated button the artist that you prefer. Both will receive an e-mail with all the details in order to get in touch.

Enter the app and, after the login phase, at the bottom click on "recover password" and you will receive the mail with all the details.

You can contact the assistance at the address: sending: account name, description of the problem, e-mail, phone number.
Somebody from the staff will contact you.

The algorithm show the engagement base on position and Belonging category (PRO user can choose more than one category).Remember that for better results you need to activate GPS.

The algorithm show the events base on position and Belonging category.Remember that for better results you need to activate GPS.

To modify the categories you can go on your profile, select "Modify Profile" and, at the bottom of the page, select Choosen Category or Followed Category to modify them.

Write an e-amil to specifying the wrong e-mail inserted, the correct one and your nickname. We will reply within 48h with all the details